Pre Training Awake Living – with Cate Stillman

A two-year dharma + life mastery course guided by Cate Stillman

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Awake Living is an innovative life design course that combines
the best of western business goal achievement with Eastern holistic wisdom and self care.
It’s a complete evolutionary revolution in personal growth that will help you:

Ignite your dharma
Shape your inner and outer space
take back your time
fall into flow
experience dynamic evolution

Awake Living

Uplevel your 5 elements to design your next level of success

Ether: Uplevel Your Home

Architect your space to vibrate at the next level of your dharma

Fire: Clarify Your Vision + Ambition

Dig deep and clarify the details of the next vision/version of yourself.

Air: Bend Your Time

Align your natural rhythms with your weekly calendar for easeful and efficient peak performance.

Water: Deepen Your Integrity

Unlock new levels of flow and abundance.

Earth: Empower Your Biorhythms

Uplevel your body habits for refined, committed attunement to dharma.

Your identity, your sense of time, your dharma will expand.
You will expand.

And, more fundamentally, you'll make a deep shift
from busy to successful at the next level.

How Is The Course + Mentorship?

First: Get the Mentopship + the Tools

A series of learning modules that consist of:

  • Bi monthly Live Coaching Workshop with Cate on Implementation
  • Bi monthly Coaching Calls with Dana
  • Weekly video lessons - 10-30 minutes
  • Implementation Mastermind in Groups of 4-6
  • Worksheets in Awake Living Workbook
Then: Practice, Practice, Practice

Implement + Iterate

Once we’re through the modules you go into Practice. This phase is iterative. You keep applying what you’ve learned. You get the hang of it. You meet with your Mastermind Group, using the Mastermind Agenda. You show up on weekly live coaching sessions. You get serious about implementation and iteration.

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Awake Living Members Say...

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How Does It Work? Methodology + benefits

Expect Results
The aim of dharma is liberation in service. You can experience a life beyond your wildest dreams while being more interconnected, helpful, awake, and vibrant.
Hit Life Targets on Time
Your dharma demands a better strategy, a better version of you, and a timeline. In two years, you’ll master the path of your dharma to the level of core competencies.
Connect For Success
Awake Living works because of our exclusive, innovative curriculum and our member community proving the method through experimentation.
Work the System
Through well-thought-out curriculum, workbooks, live sessions, mentoring, and coaching, Awake Living members learn, implement and automate the Awake Living method.
Experiment, Analyze, . . . Repeat
Dharma mastery is an iterative, two-year process that leads to natural, predictable, easeful, magical growth.

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Awake Living Members Say...

People who are interested in growth and depth. People with bigger dreams who are ready to invest in themselves. People who are no longer interested in playing small. People who believe in themselves. People searching for direction and clarity of vision. People who value the power of dynamic groups. People with high levels of social awareness who deeply care and who want to make a bigger impact. Social entrepreneurs, wellness pros, and corporate exit people who want to earn a bigger income. People just like you.

We do one-on-one coaching through group coaching calls. Sounds like a paradox, right? It’s not. It’s one-on-one coaching that benefits the group. We practice “laser coaching” during weekly coaching calls because it’s easier to learn when someone else is being coached. When we’re in the “hot seat” being coached, we’re often resisting or blocking the wisdom being handed to us. Being coached in the group setting allows other members to hold us accountable to the growth we’re trying to achieve. One-on-one coaching also occurs in our mastermind groups and through Facebook Live updates.

Immediately! As soon as you uplevel the vibration of your home (the first lesson), you’ll start to notice a clarity of vision that you didn’t have before. The ether element of space brings you into greater levels of depth and integrity quickly! Results with the other four competencies vary from person to person, with some making massive progress right off the bat and others needing more time to sort through life circumstances, mental blocks, and other challenges before mastering all five competencies.

On a growth depth journey, we align our money and our time to hit our goals. We invest in the person we want to become and in the experience we want to have. We take a close look at the return on investment (ROI).
The $10,000 investment in Awake Living, a two-year dharma mastery course and community membership, guarantees that all members are qualified and committed. The ROI is tools that will last a lifetime.
And yes, we offer payment plans.

It is! IF you want to . . .

  • Uplevel your dharma
  • Hit body goals
  • Do more
  • Live more on purpose
  • Take your career to the next level
  • Lead a meaningful life
  • Tackle critical issues
  • Evolve your identity
  • Make more money
  • Have a bigger impact
  • Take advantage of a guide
  • Uplevel relationships and family
  • Achieve goals while living in alignment and integrity
  • Experience ease, connectivity, and freedom while hitting goals.

Awake Living Members Say...

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I’m Cate Stillman - the CEO, dharma guru, guide, head coach, mentor and curriculum creator at Yogahealer. Once upon a time and forever after I wanted to play a bigger game, to help others, to leave the world a better place, to raise my kid with deep connectivity, to be on my evolutionary edge in my body integrity.
I founded in 2001 as the beginning of the movement it is today for personal and planetary health. I ran into certain obstacles and issues along the way - including not hitting goals on time, not optimizing my relationships according to my values, and not always having the best body integrity. I sacrificed flow for success. I didn’t know how to interpret deep shadow issues that were arising on my fast growth path. Other people couldn’t easily relate to me because of my ambition - so it was a lonely road. But I found my way, a more easeful way, a more connected way, the way of flow - the Awake Living way.
I’ve grown up into the CEO role at Yogahealer, with a 15 person business team and 50 member work-study team, a healthy profit margin, and thousands of course members around the planet. And I’m not done. I too want to achieve at the next level. For me that is growing my company, Yogahealer, to a multimillion revenue biz. I know I can reach my goals. And I know I can help you reach yours. It’s what I do.
I help people reach their life goals in body integrity, in flow, while deepening their connectivity in their core relationships. I combine the best of western business goal achievement with Eastern holistic wisdom and self care to lead the Awake Living Course + Community. After a few years of testing, tweaking, getting results, we have theAwake Living (2 Year Masters Course Community): the dharma implementation experience that happens in real time.In fact Sounds True publishing company knows what our Awake Living Course Community is up to, and is backing the bookAwake Living, to be released in March 2019.


Dana, is a certified Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher and mothers to 2 rambunctious young boys. She’s been studying yoga since 2000, teaching since 2004 and have over 1000 hours of training (in the styles of Jivamukti, Anusara and Sridaiva/bowspring). Eventually her desire to take her health and wellbeing into her own hands, and to learn how to keep her family healthy led her to Ayurveda in 2011. After implementing the daily routine of Ayurveda and noticing the profound impact it had on her energy and happiness, she began coaching clients into these better body habits in 2013. She aim to inspire others about the importance of healthy habits in crafting the life of their dreams. She is deeply passionate about travel, adventure, learning, movement of any kind and the arts.